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Welcome to University of South Florida Health Information Systems! USF Health Information Systems is your on-campus, technology team. We are the architects: programmers, web developers, web designers, application engineers, graphic artists, videographers, content writers, search engine optimization experts, instructional designers, analysts and all-around technology specialists. We pull together to provide businesses with essential automation and optimization. In harmony, we work with customers like you to educate, build, deliver and meet the needs of your department’s academic research and clinical missions. Supporting their ability to function and achieve measurable growth in an increasingly digital and fast-paced marketplace is both our passion and purpose.

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How We Create Value: Emphasizing People Over Process

  • Valuing Individuals and Interactions
  • Consistent Customer Collaboration
  • Responding to Changes, Adaptability
  • Delivering Working Software and Products

How We Serve: Agile Responsive Technology Solutions

We help you to innovate and improve using agile responsive technology solutions. Agile is a cutting-edge development approach that encourages daily face-to-face communication among all project team members, responding to change over following a rigid plan, customer collaboration over contract negotiation and delivering working products over verbose documentation.

We synchronize our goals and work with a united emphasis on openness, respect, focus and courage to accomplish multifaceted projects. This enables both agile teams and customers to plan and operate with the flexibility needed to reach a common goal. We work to deliver value that empowers your team, your department and your business to grow with measurable speed, clarity and confidence. Whether it’s providing analytics for existing databases, performing A/B testing for new websites and pages or developing a user-friendly application that dramatically streamlines USF business process management and eliminates the environmental cost of paper, our architects will build a solution.

Technology making life better for our students and our patients. Go Bulls!

Health IS Technology Blog

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