International Field Experience - Panama
USF Health - Office of International Programs

The College of Public Health International Field Experience (IFE) office in collaboration with the USF Health International Foundation in Panama, arranges student field placements in Panama for special projects and international field experiences. IFE is a practicum that is open to all College of Public Health students, and is mandatory for students in the Global Health Practice concentration.  IFE is considered an important part of the academic curriculum, serving as a structured and significant educational experience.  Under the supervision of the host country supervisor and the guidance of the student’s academic advisor, the IFE takes place in an agency, institution, or community in a developing country.

The IFE provides the opportunity to integrate theory and practice in an international public health work environment. The student contributes to a community’s resources and to the solution of public health problems and gains an understanding of another culture while developing personal confidence and leadership skills as a public health professional.

College of Public Health International Field ExperienceCollege of Public Health International Field ExperienceCollege of Public Health International Field ExperienceCollege of Public Health International Field Experience

“My International Field Experience at Gorgas Memorial Research Institute in Panama was very interesting, to say the least. I went on field excursions and ended up working in Immunology on clinical diagnostic tests for many diseases of public health importance in Panama, such as HIV, Herpes Simplex Viruses, Dengue, Leptospira, Hantavirus, Influenza and others.” MPH Student

An International Field Experience is no ordinary study abroad program; it is an opportunity to grow personally and professionally.  Not only did my internship with the Pan American Health Organization’s Regional Program on Dengue exceed my expectations, but the cultural experience of living in Panama and the confidence I gained from my stay there are invaluable benefits.  Being able to make such a contribution during this experience has expanded my view on what an individual can accomplish in public health.” MPH Student, Department of Global Health