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For further information on the Ibero- Americas Programs at USF Health (USF Health “Ib-Ams”), please contact:

Carlos Callegari MD PhD
Senior Advisor for USF Health
Ibero-Americas Programs
Tel.: 001-(813)-396-2526 or 813-396-2527
Fax: 001-(813)-974-5556

Office of International Programs
USF Health
Tel: 813-974-6731
Website: http://health.usf.edu/intprog/home.html

About Us

USF Health is a unique strategic partnership of the Colleges of Medicine, Public Health and Nursing at the University of South Florida (USF), committed to the improvement of the full spectrum of health, from the environment, to the community, to the individual.

Our organizational leadership at USF and USF Health is recognizing the importance of international interrelationships in today’s global world, and especially with our neighbors within the Ibero-Americas. The USF Health Ibero-Americas concept is very broad, since it includes countries within the Americas and the Iberian Peninsula composed mainly of English, Spanish and Portuguese speaking communities.

The main goal of the USF Health Ibero-Americas Programs is to contribute to health education, professional development and research in the Ibero-Americas, impacting effectively the region’s health care needs.

USF Health through its Ibero-Americas Programs seeks to establish permanent links with educational institutions, national, regional and local governments, public and private organizations and individuals interested in creating better health in the American and Iberian countries and their diverse communities.