USF Health Travel Processes

USF Health is expanding its opportunities for Health students, residents and faculty to gain international educational experiences. We are also committed to the safety and well-being of our students, residents, faculty and staff traveling abroad. USF Health International has created processes for completing USF required documentation for any non-vacation related travel (including but not limited to field experiences, study abroad, clinical rotations, volunteer health clinics, student organization trips, mission trips, conferences).

Please note that the following information contained in the travel processes is meant to be used only by University of South Florida Health students, residents, faculty and staff. It is not intended to be used and should not be construed as general legal advice.

USF Emergency Assistance Line for International Travelers is available 24/7: 

student process

Process for Students

student orgs

Process for Student Organizations

faculty travel

Processes for Faculty/Staff
(accompanying students abroad)

faculty business

Processes for Faculty/Staff on Business
(not accompanying students abroad)

Individuals who require disability accommodations for travel should request such accommodations through the appropriate USF process. For USF students (including USF Health Students) consult with Students with Disabilities Services For USF employees, follow the accommodations request procedure outlined by Human Resources: