Travel Processes for USF Health Student Organizations and Student Groups

Meet with and obtain support for proposed international travel plans by the organization’s USF Faculty Advisor(s) and discuss travel plans with your international programs office.

Click to complete the online Student - Related Travel Group Proposal

Click to download the EAO Student Organization Travel Form

Student Organization Proposal Submission Deadlines

2017 Fall Travel Programs:

Monday, September 04, 2017 

2018 Spring Travel Programs:

Wednesday, November 1, 2018

2018 Summer Travel Programs:

Friday, February 02, 2018

  • High-risk destinations will require a thorough review and approval by the USF Health High-Risk Travel Assessment Committee and the USF World Global Risk Assessment Committee.  A high risk destination is any country for which the U.S Department of State has issued a travel warning/alert.  Check the travel risk status here.

  • Once the group proposal is completed and reviewed by USF Health International, the program leader will receive a unique student registration program link which shall be provided to all student participants to register for travel.

Student Organization Final Participant Form Submission Deadlines
2017 Fall Travel Programs:
September 08, 2017
2018 Spring Travel Programs: December 15, 2017
2018 Summer Travel Programs: May Travel:
June Travel:
July Travel:
March 01, 2018
April 02, 2018
May 01, 2018

Click to download the USF Health International - Student Organization Final Participant Form

Travel Applications for all Health Program Participants Due
2017 Fall Travel Programs: Fall Break Travel:
December Travel:
September 08, 2017
October 20, 2017
2018 Spring Travel Programs: January 19, 2017
2018 Summer Travel Programs: May Travel:
June Travel:
July Travel:
March 30, 2018
April 30, 2018
May 31, 2018

  • Program Leader Application- at least one individual (either USF faculty, staff or student) must be designated as the group program leader and complete one of the following applications as appropriate
  • Student Participant Application- all USF student participants must register via the unique program application link provided by the program leader.
    • Currently distributed links are also posted under group programs on the USF Health Portal homepage.

  • Associate Traveler Application- to be completed by any additional faculty, staff, medical resident, post-doc and any non-USF participant

  • Orientation Requirements for Associate Travelers and Student Program Leaders (which includes all faculty, staff, residents, post-docs and any non-USF participant)
    • Complete the USF System Clery Act and Title IX Training (CSA-RE Orientation) - required for all student group leaders and associate travelers participating in a university-related travel program as dictated by USF Policy, Florida Law and Federal Law. Required completion once every 2 years. Review attachment for further details.
      • To register- Log onto GEMS.  At the main menu select Self Service > Learning and Development> Request Training Enrollment.  Search by Course Name:  CSA-RE Orientation and View Available Sessions.

    • Complete the EAO Risk & Security Orientation -  (required completion of the full length, face-to-face session once every 2 years; online refresher acceptable on off years)
      • To register- Log onto GEMS.  At the main menu select Self Service > Learning and Development> Request Training Enrollment.  Search by Course Name:  EAO Risk & Security Orientation and View Available Sessions.

  • Student Participants - are required to complete the online USF Health Student Pre-departure orientation course via CANVAS.
    • Student participants will receive an email invitation to join the online CANVAS course within 5-10 business days of initiating online travel application. 

USF Health students, residents and faculty are provided international professional liability coverage through the USF Self-Insurance Program* at no cost. To enroll for this coverage, each participant must complete the appropriate form below:

*USF Self-Insurance Program 

Each USF student, resident and/or faculty member is provided professional liability coverage through the USF Self-Insurance Program in the amount of $200,000 per claim/$300,000 per occurrence (with any additional coverage, if desired, to be purchased by the individual).  Providers not employed by USF and students not enrolled in a USF Health Sciences Center college have no professional liability coverage under the USF Self-Insurance Program. 

Trip leaders are required to organize and conduct a program-specific travel and safety pre-departure orientation with all group participants before departure (recommended to be completed within 1 week of travel departure date).  Trip leader shall review detailed program itinerary, accommodation and transportation details, safety precautions, participant expectations and important in-country and group contact information.
  • Enrollment for the university’s medical and evacuation insurance does not provide coverage outside of the dates of the university-related travel program. Those who plan to travel independently, either in advance of the program or after the program ends, must independently ensure that they have insurance coverage valid outside the U.S. and travel at their own risk. The university’s insurance provider (UHCG) offers students and their dependents, travelling on their own time, before or after program dates, to purchase travel medical and evacuation coverage, by calling the enrollment center 1.800.732.5309 (to pay via credit card) or via the Outbound Enrollment paper form (to pay via check). Reference the USF ID #: 902238160.  Review the UCHG- USF Policy and FAQ.

  • The university’s medical & evacuation insurance does not include trip cancellation coverage or travel insurance (theft, costs due to delays in travel time, etc.), or pre-existing conditions. If you are concerned about travel insurance coverage, you are advised to seek travel insurance coverage through your own carrier. 

It is strongly recommended that travelers follow the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)'s travel guidelines regarding prophylaxis and vaccinations for their travel destination(s). Visit the CDC's website for country specific travel health information.
  • Obtain printed Emergency Cards from the USF Health International Travel Coordinator.

  • It is recommended to distribute this to students no more than 2 weeks prior to departure.

  • Note the emergency phone number as well as those of your in-country and home emergency contacts in your cell phone which you will have in use while abroad