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The Geriatric Workforce Development Program (GWEP) is a collaboration among the University of South Florida, Health (USFH), Byrd Alzheimer's Institute (BAI), Senior Connection Center (SCC) and Tampa Family Health Center (TFHC) Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) to embed geriatric primary care and related services into the FQHC, facilitate older adults and their caregivers access to home and community-based support, and the training curricula of USF.

Florida does not have an adequate workforce to support the state's growing geriatric population. To address the issue of building a resilient, trained geriatric workforce, we will compile existing, though disparate curricular materials about geriatric clinical training and education from our colleges of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, and school of physical therapy. These existing curricular materials will then be brought together with additional, evidence based materials from the literature and marketplace by our faculty in collaboration with TFHC to sculpt a clinical geriatrics curricula that will be offered to physician, nurse, pharmacist and physical therapist students, residents and fellows interested in developing a geriatric emphasis. The clinical programs will collaborate (as part of the existing and expanding interdisciplinary clinical training program at USFH) to provide training to recruited students and clinicians. Trainees will then rotate through TFHC under faculty supervision, and the clinical curriculum and training program will be tweaked during the second and third years of program operation. TFHC will seek additional clinical resource support for existing state and federal program sources to support ongoing nursing, medical, pharmacy and physical therapy recruits. The USF GWEP Collaborative will build a dynamic, reciprocal network of collaboration between the providers of academic training, clinical care, and community-based resources to provide a seamless referral services to older adults and their caregivers to find the services they need and make informed decisions.

Measurable objectives include: hiring and training 4 care managers and 2 patient navigators for late middle adult, older adult, and geriatric health care; providing primary care for older adults and clinical educational opportunities to undergraduate nursing students with TFHC Care managers (60 students annually). A part-time (.5) Information and Referral (I&R) Specialist at SCC will provide intake screening and tracking for older adults referrals. Through BAI, will provide direct services to another 1,156 patient, training opportunities for more health professions students, and outreach services.

We will provide primary care for older adults clinical training to doctoral nurse practitioner students at TFHC (12 students/ semester for total of 36 students annually) and medical residents. This will infuse 2,096 more health professions students and residents with geriatric knowledge into the healthcare market place to include leadership roles. The project team will create, finalize and administer evaluation measures for geriatric content and delivery while providing quarterly feedback. The project will also identify, monitor and evaluate baseline and quarterly quality of care HEDIS and Healthy Adults 20/20 metrics. The project will improve integration of geriatric practice for 6,000 patients of the primary care practice of our partner organization (e.g., risk assessment and screening completion). We will enhance the knowledge of 300 TFHC providers and provide faculty development in geriatrics and gerontology through interprofessional coordinated training programs and educational opportunities. We will increase the number and types of referrals to SCC and document the services available through SCC.

Project Title: Applicant: The Geriatric Workforce Enhancement Project
Org. Name: Address: USF College of Nursing University of South Florida
12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd., MDC22 Tampa, FL 33612
Principal Investigator:
Rita D'Aoust, Ph.D, ANP-BC, CNE, FAANP, FNAP
Total Amount Requested: $2,439,852
Funding Preference: Yes - Section 805 of PHS Act (Medically Underserved)