Mentorship Evaluation Survey

All mentorship members, mentor and mentee, digitally agree to abide by the MentorMatch guidelines which include "Participation in the evaluation process." The evaluation process consists of a survey that is available to all mentorship members at the end of their MentorMatch. An e-mail is sent to the mentor and mentee at the conclusion of their Match with a link to the survey to be taken anonymously.

The survey covers the Faculty member's experience during the specific MentorMatch that is ending. Questions are asked concerning the fulfillment of the Mentorship Agreement, the success of the Match, an evaluation of their colleague, and the overall mentorship experience. Survey results will be used to assess the effectiveness of the online system, gauge the mentorship atmosphere at the university, and modify the mentorship program.

If you are participating in MentorMatch and would like to provide feedback before the end of your Match, please contact Olga Joanow by e-mail or at 813-974-1676.

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