Faculty Recruitment and Appointment Process
Faculty and Academic Affairs

The recruitment process has changed as a result of Careers@USF going live August 3, 2009. This website is under construction. If you have any questions on the process, reference the Careers@USF Department User Guide or contact Ly Nguyen-Miranda, 974-7728, or Myrna Lugo, 974-3119.


Foreign Nationals and Visiting Scholars

If the candidate is a foreign national or visiting scholar, the department is responsible for completing the H1-B or J-1 Applications with International Student & Scholar Services.

Submit all documents to Faculty Affairs for Dean's signature.

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Letter of Offer

The Department submits the Clinical Request to Appoint or Basic Science Request to Appoint form to the USF Health Office of Faculty Affairs for a Letter of Offer to be created and sent to the selected candidate.

  • If Clinical Appointment, Preliminary Credentialing must be completed before the Letter of Offer is generated.

Attachments to Accompany the Request to Appoint Form:

  • Approved Rank Request
    • Assistant Professor or Below
      • Core Faculty require a Letter of Recommendation from the Department Chair
      • 3 Letters of Recommendation
    • Associate Professor/Professor
      • Core Faculty require a Letter of Recommendation from the Department Chair
      • 5 Letters of Recommendation
  • Tenure Credit Transfer/Documentation of Prior Tenure Status
  • Original or Notarized Copy of Official transcripts for all graduate coursework completed for certification of the highest level of degree.

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Clinical Faculty On-Boarding

If the recruitment is for a Clinical Physician, the Chair and/or Department Administrator will discuss the Florida Board of Medicine's Florida Medical Licensure Requirements, credentialing, and the hospital privileging process with the finalist.

  • The Department Administrator will provide the finalist a USF Physicians Group (USFPG) Clinical Application Part I.

  • Provide a brief introduction and information regarding the services provided by the Physician Enrollment (PE) Specialist in the Office of Faculty Affairs, for the Clinical Physician on-boarding process (to include Licensure, Credentialing, and Hospital Privileges).

  • Office of Faculty Affairs distributes the USFPG Clinical Application Part II, to the finalist with the USF Health VP/Dean's Letter of Offer.

  • While the finalist has filled out the application for a Florida Medical License, they are simultaneously filling out the USFPG Credentialing Part 1 Clinical Application, and the Hospital Privilege packet(s).

  • Outstanding issues/documents for any of the packages mentioned above are shepherded by the Physician Enrollment Specialist for completion and presentation at monthly Committee meetings.

  • Training (both on-line and classroom) is scheduled by the PE Specialist for HEALS, Allscripts, and Compliance to be completed ideally before date of hire.

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RightStart @ USF Health Faculty Affairs

All faculty new hires (including Adjunct) will be processed by the Office of Faculty Affairs. The departments must schedule the new hire for a RightStart appointment on or before their first day of employment during the hours of 8:30 am and 4:30 pm. If the new employee is a Clinician that has worked with the Physician Enrollment Specialist during the on-boarding process, this step has already been accomplished.

New employees will report directly to the Office of Faculty Affairs at their scheduled appointment time between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.

They will receive a welcome packet. [contents: Welcome Letter, a copy of the Pay Schedule, Map/Information, Attendance and Leave brochure, Summary of Benefits, and TSA (Tax-Sheltered Annuity) information. Adjunct faculty will receive a copy of the Pay Schedule, Map/Information, and TSA (Tax-Sheltered Annuity) information]

New employees must complete the new hire packet at this time. [contents: USF Certification of Employment Eligibility (if adjunct), New Employee Information Sheet, W-4, I-9, Direct Deposit enrollment form, Responsibilities Associated with Access to University Information, and Foreign National Information Form (if applicable)]

There will be a review of the issue date of their first paycheck as well as access and instructions on GEMS Self-Service. 

Benefits to the Department: The Department is relieved of setting up Orientation sessions for new Employees (OFA schedules benefits orientation through USF Health Human Resources and USFPG Human Resources, as required, directly with the employee). The department can request computer access through USF Health IS sooner because employee will be entered into GEMS within 2 business days of receipt of offer letter in Faculty Affairs.

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