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  Affirmative Action Summary now on Careers@USF

  Appendix C for Advertisement***

  Application Summary Form (P&T*)

  Assigned Duties Summary (Other Faculty)

  Assignment and Evaluation Checklist (MCOM Ranked**)

  Assignment and Evaluation Forms (MCOM Ranked**)

  Assignment Form (Other Faculty)

  Authorization for Clinical Activity at Unaffiliated Institutions

  Certification of Employability***

  Courtesy Appointment Request (MCOM**)

  Direct Deposit Form

  DS-2019 Scholar Request Form

  Evaluation Form (Other Faculty)

  External Reviewer (P&T*)

  Faculty Extra Compensation

  Faculty Funding Plan (MCOM Basic Science and USF Health Other)

  Faculty Funding Plan - Clinical (MCOM**)

  Faculty Salary Adjustment Form (USF Health)

  Foreign National Information Form (FNIF)

  GEMS New Faculty Appointment Form

  H1-B Authorization Form and
  Deemed Export Control Questionnaire


  Joint Appointment Request

  New Employee Information Sheet

  New Hire: FRS Certification Form

  New Recruitment & All Personnel Action Request Form (MCOM***)

  Non-Recurring Compensation (Guidelines) and

  Position Description - Template (Faculty)

  Position Description - Generic Basic Science Chair

  Position Description - Generic Clinical Chair

  Post Retirement Employment Form and
  Post Retirement Hiring Supplemental Information

  Professional Development Leave Application

  Professional Goals (Other Faculty)

  Promotion and Tenure Application (MCOM**)

  Promotion Recommendation for Voluntary Faculty (MCOM**)

  Rank Request (MCOM**)

  Recommendation for Non-Reappointment (Non Tenured)

  Request to Appoint (MCOM Basic Sciences & USF Health Other)***

  Request to Appoint*** (MCOM Clinical Faculty**)

  Responsibilities Associated with Access to University Information

  ROAD - Reporting Outside Activity Database

  Sabbatical Application (MCOM Non-Tenure Earning**)

  Sabbatical Application (USF Health)

  Sample New Hire and Exit Checklist   **

  Scholar Request (Extension)

  Search Plan Memo Template***

  Search Plan Template***

  Student Evaluation of Teaching (P&T*)

  Summary of Assigned Duties (P&T*)

  Use of University Equipment, Facilities, and Services ROAD

  USF/VA Joint Appointment Memo of Understanding

  Voluntary Faculty Appointment Request (MCOM**)


  Waiver of Advertisement***(MCOM**)

  Waiver of Advertisement*** (USF Health)


* P&T indicates forms used for the Promotion and Tenure Process.
** MCOM indicates forms specifically for the Morsani College of Medicine, but not for the Colleges of Nursing and Public Health. If there is no equivalent form listed, please refer to the appropriate college's website.
*** The recruitment process has changed as a result of Careers@USF going live August 3, 2009. This form may no longer be valid. If you have any questions on the process, reference the Careers@USF Department User Guide or contact:
Ly Nguyen-Miranda: 974-7728, or
Myrna Lugo: 974-3119