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2010-11 Distinguished USF Health Professor Nominations


April 27, 2011


Vice President Klasko is proud to announce the request for nominations for Distinguished USF Health Professor for the Academic Year 2010/11.  Full details of this prestigious USF Health Award are available below.   The nominations are due to the respective Deans on May 30, 2011.   This year, there will be one final selectee from USF Health.   If there are questions, please contact Dr.  Phil Marty, Associate Vice President, Office of Research, at pmarty@health.usf.edu.



Distinguished USF Health Professor Award


The title of Distinguished USF Health Professor recognizes senior members of the USF Health Faculty who hold the rank of Professor and have distinguished themselves among their peers both within and outside the University.  The title is awarded through a process of nomination and external peer review and identifies those holding it as outstanding members of their profession.



2010 Distinguished USF Health Professors
Morsani College of Medicine  
  • Ben Djulbegovic, MD, PhD

  • David Morgan, PhD


2009 Distinguished USF Health Professors
  • No Awards Given in 2009


2008 Distinguished USF Health Professors
Morsani College of Medicine  
  • David V. Sheehan, MD, MBA

College of Nursing
  • Susan C. McMillan, PhD, RN
College of Public Health
  • C. Hendricks Brown, PhD
2007 Distinguished USF Health Professors (Inaugural Year)
Morsani College of Medicine  
  • Michael J. Barber, DPhil

  • Jeffrey P. Krischer, PhD

  • Bruce G. Lindsey, PhD

  • Richard F. Lockey, MD

College of Nursing
  • Mary Evans, RN, PhD
College of Public Health
  • Carol Bryant, PhD