USF Awards

The University's Honors, Awards & Commencement Committee annually reviews nominations and recommends appropriately qualified candidates to the President for the honors and awards listed below. All members of the University community may submit nominations to the Committee. Detailed guidelines and nomination forms for each of the awards are available from the Faculty Senate Office (ADM 226) at 974-2889 and on the web.

  • Distinguished Scholar Award - This is conferred by the University on distinguished faculty scholars who have documented evidence of contributions that extend human intellectual or aesthetic consciousness, and is based on the originality and significance of their work.
  • Distinguished Service Award - is conferred by the University on faculty who have distinguished themselves through services they have provided without personal gain on behalf of the University, which services have contributed significantly to the welfare of their profession, the University or the community.
  • Distinguished Teacher Award - This is conferred by the University on distinguished faculty who have documented evidence of outstanding contributions as teachers and educators, and is based on the originality, technical proficiency and outcome of their work.
  • Honorary Degrees - Honorary degrees are conferred by the University on individuals who have brought distinct honor to it through their eminence and their contributions to academic or community endeavors on its behalf.

The office of the Provost has more information on Faculty Awards.

USF Health Awards

  • Emeritus Professor -This is an honor awarded to retiring faculty members who have made major professional contributions and achieved eminence in their field while at USF Health, and who intend to continue to participate in its academic life after their official retirement. Emeritus status is granted by the President of the University upon the recommendation of the chair of the department from which the faculty member is retiring. The chair's recommendation must be endorsed by the Dean of the college, and the Provost.
  • Distinguished USF Health Professor - The purpose of this award is to recognize senior members of the USF Health faculty who hold the rank of Professor and have distinguished themselves among their peers both within and outside the University. The title of Distinguished USF Health Professor is awarded through a process of nomination and external peer review and identifies those holding it as outstanding members of their profession.