Forehead/Brow Lift

What is a Forehead/Brow Lift?

A forehead lift, also called a brow lift, is a procedure frequently performed to reduce forehead wrinkles and frown lines. This procedure can also raise the eyebrows.

Who is a good candidate for a Forehead Lift?

It is important for candidates to be in good health. Most candidates are between 40-60 years of age, but it is not restricted to only people within this age group. In particular those candidates with a low, heavy brow or deep forehead wrinkles may benefit from this procedure. Although a more rested, youthful appearance is a common result, a candidate for this procedure must have realistic expectations as well.

How is the procedure performed?

The most common methods are the coronal incision and endoscopic surgery. Your surgeon will decide the technique for your procedure based on your facial features and desired outcome.

The coronal incision technique begins with an incision made behind the hairline or at the hairline extending from ear to ear. The forehead skin is freed from the underlying muscles allowing the excess skin to be removed. The incision may be closed with sutures (stitches), clips, or staples.

The endoscopic surgical technique requires several small incisions at the hairline or behind the hairline to allow endoscope and instrument insertion. The endoscope provides a view of the forehead structures and instruments. The skin is freed from the underlying muscle and sometimes these muscles are altered as well. Sutures or other temporary fixation is used to maintain the forehead skin in the new lifted position while it heals.

Options to enhance the procedure

Forehead lifts may be done in combination with other procedures, such as face lifts and eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty), depending on your facial characteristics and goals. Other non-surgical options for enhancement include collagen or Botox® injections for forehead creases or frown lines.