What is a Facelift?

The facelift procedure focuses on correcting the aging signs of sagging skin. Sagging skin caused by the effect of gravity, loss of volume, and changes to the quality of skin are all addressed. The effects of aging are looked at on an individual basis, as each person is unique.

Who is a good candidate for a Facelift?

Candidates should be in good health and have realistic expectations for the procedure. This procedure can help tighten loose skin on the face, and your USF Health plastic surgeon may also recommend another procedure for total facial rejuvenation. Your surgeon will discuss your treatment options during your initial consultation.

How are Facelifts performed?

Before the facelift procedure you will be given general anesthesia. The type of incision your surgeon makes for this procedure will depend on what you and your surgeon have determined to be the best for you. Your surgeon will move or sculpt existing facial fat, reposition underlying tissue and lift the muscles in your face. The skin will be draped over the new contours of the face and any excess skin will be removed.