Breast Reduction

What is Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction surgery, also known as a reduction mammoplasty, reduces the size of breasts by removing excess breast tissue and skin. The areola (pigmented areas surrounding nipple) may be reduced and repositioned. The goal of this surgery is to achieve a breast size in proportion to the patient’s body and to decrease issues associated with overly large breasts.

Goals of Breast Reduction Surgery

Considerations Preoperatively

Excessively large breasts can cause psychological, emotional, and physcial pain Physical discomfort in addition to self image issues can result, and may limit normal daily living activities.

This procedure is not for all women with large breasts. Considerations prior to breast reduction surgery should include having procedure because you want the change, not undergoing a reduction because of someone else’s or society’s ideals.

Breast surgery requires general anesthesia, and, like all procedures, have potential risks associated with the surgery You are likely a good candidate for breast reduction if you do not smoke , are not exposed to second hand smoke, or do not have a recent history of smoking, are physically healthy, have expectations which are realistic, are bothered, either physically, mentally or emotionally, by the size of your breasts, have shoulder, neck or back pain due to the size of your breasts, have issues with the size of your breasts limiting your physical activity, have recurrent skin irritation or rashes under breasts which have not responded to medical therapy, have indentations from bra straps due to excessive weight of breasts, have large, stretched areolas.