Advanced Visual Function Testing

What is Advanced Visual Function Testing?

Advanced visual function testing (AVFT) includes both subjective (psychophysical) and objective (electrophysiological) diagnostic methods for evaluation of the visual function. The purpose of this testing is to use all clinically relevant research findings for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases affecting the eye and visual system, including retinal diseases and abnormalities of the visual pathways. They can be used also to evaluate undesirable drug visual side effects and to estimate the visual system performance for the purposes required by federal agencies, such as professional evaluation, legal cases, etc.

What types of Advanced Visual Function Tests are there?

Electrophysiological Tests

Psychophysical tests

Can I get an Advanced Visual Function Test at USF?

If you would like to schedule any of these tests, please have the physician office download the referral form (to download the referral form, right click here and select "save target as" to save the referral form PDF file to your computer**), then fill it and fax it together with the relevant information noted to (813) 974-6723. For any questions or inquires, please call (813) 974-2020.

Referral Form

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Our reports are overseen by our experienced retina specialists, Drs. Peter Pavan and Brian Madow.

About the Director

Dr. Tzekov joined USF with a background of clinical and pre-clinical experience in academic and pharmaceutical industry settings, specializing in visual function testing. He conducts pre-clinical research at The Roskamp Institute (Sarasota, FL) as a Senior Research Scientist. At the USF Eye Institute, together with other faculty members, he works towards establishing a comprehensive clinical advanced visual function testing laboratory. He has authored more than 100 scientific works and has presented. For more details, click here to view Dr. Tzekov’s profile.