USF Ophthalmic Pathology Laboratory

Laboratory Services and Instructions on Submitting Specimens

The USF Ophthalmic Pathology Laboratory is located on the University of South Florida campus in Tampa. The laboratory offers consultative services for ophthalmologists and pathologists. The laboratory accepts fixed whole eyes and orbital exenterations for primary processing, slide preparation and interpretation. Consultation on biopsy specimens prepared at outside hospitals can be obtained by sending glass slides with a completed request form to the address listed below. We are able to perform most special stains if unstained sections or paraffin blocks are available.

Whole Eyes

Whole eyes or orbital exenterations can be sent to the laboratory using the U.S. Postal Service, certified mail, Fed Ex, or other private carriers. The tissues should be submerged in 10% neutral buffered formalin using approximately 3 fold volume of fixative compared to the size of the specimen. The container must be water tight. The container then is wrapped in a sealed plastic bag and labeled with a hazard sticker before placing in the mailing package.

Glass Slides

Glass slides should be mailed in a crush-proof slide holder. A small amount of tissue paper or sponge placed inside the container will prevent the slides from shifting. They can be mailed through the U.S. Postal System, certified, or through a private carrier.

Complete a USF Ophthalmic Pathology request form, being sure to include the telephone number and fax for both the ophthalmologist and pathologist. The clinical diagnosis and location of the biopsy site (including laterality- left or right) needs to be listed on the form. Copies of the Ophthalmic Pathology request form can be downloaded from this website.

If hand delivery is considered, call Dermatopathology at 974-3744 to get instructions on location of the laboratory on the USF campus.

Mailing Address:

Department of Dermatopathology
Ophthalmic Pathology Laboratory
12901 Bruce B. Downs Blvd.
MDC Box 79
Tampa, FL 33612