Ocular Oncology

What is ocular oncology?

Ocular oncology is the specialty that deals and manages tumors of the eye. Many kinds of tumors can affect the eye and its adnexa (structures surrounding the eye). Our surgeons offer the most up-to-date evaluation and management of the tumors involving the eye, eyelids, orbit, and adjacent structures.

What services are provided to treat ocular oncology?

Our oncology team provides the following services:

  1. Evaluation and management of cancers involving the eye and adnexa
  2. Eyelid and orbital tumors
  3. Evaluation and treatment of intraocular tumors (e.g., melanoma)

Given our close collaboration with H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center on USF’s campus, we have extensive experience in treating not only common cancers, but also rare malignancies. In addition, we serve as a regional referral center for intraocular tumors (e.g., melanoma), eyelid, and orbital tumors.