Cataract Surgery at USF Eye Institute

Are you experiencing problems with: Glare? Difficulty driving at night? Problems reading small print? These are a few of the symptoms commonly found as cataracts develop. For most people, cataracts are part of the normal aging process. As the natural lens of your eye becomes gradually cloudy, your eyesight decreases and it becomes difficult to perform everyday tasks. Fortunately, it is possible in most circumstances to perform cataract surgery to improve your vision.

Most people are concerned about the thought of having surgery on such a delicate part of the body but the Department of Ophthalmology at USF has a number of experienced Cataract Surgeons who are supported by a full clinic of subspecialists for all of your vision needs. We offer two convenient locations for procedures, one in North Tampa and the other in South Tampa. Both locations are staffed with experienced anesthesiologists, nursing and operating room teams skilled in providing care for ophthalmic patients. Our surgeons recognize that surgical care should be personalized and will take time to discuss not only your cataract but how your other ocular problems and concerns such as glaucoma, macular degeneration, astigmatism and desire for freedom from glasses after surgery may affect your vision and eye health.