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Cultural Fiesta

Since it’s beginning in 2005, Cultural Fiesta has been embraced as a tradition of USF Health. It is an annual event, which aims to unite the diverse group of students, faculty and staff in an atmosphere of fun, excitement and talent. The event typically starts with an exhibit of delicious recipes, prepared by wonderful chefs like you from many different ethnic groups. For example Asian, German, Caribbean, Spanish to name a few. The atmosphere is heightened with sounds and movement of various acts as people mingle with each other and sample the tasty cuisine. The evening culminates in the auditorium, where students, faculty and staff performers come to life on the stage with a burst of artistic expressions from different ethnic groups for all to enjoy. Year after year, Cultural Fiesta has garnered tremendous support from Dean Klasko, Office of Student Diversity and Enrichment, Student Affairs and of course the student body to make it a successful event. We hope that you too will share and enjoy the experience with both friends and family.