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Area Sales Representatives at USF

Our hope is that this page will help you find the representatives at USF of various companies that sell research supplies.  Our list is not comprehansive and we appreciate further submissions.  Also, with this list is purely for infomational purposes, it is not an endorsement from us.





Irene Carlo
(877) 232-8995

Becton Dickinson reagents

Jenny Daniels
(813) 263-9843

Miltenyi BiotecMagnetic sorting reagents, antibodies

Leslie Erb

Fischer Scientific

Joe Miller
(321) 383-1215

Wide variety of supplies and reagents, check website:

Shelina Folsom

Invitrogen, Biosource, Dynal, Caltag, QDOTs, Zymed, and Molecular Probes

Kevin Mottershead
(302) 494-5847

Datasci (telemetry transmitters)

Wilant van Giessen

Noldus (Ethovision)