Core Facilities
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Shared Equipment, List by Room Number

Shared (common use) instruments can be found at several locations on the USF Medical School Campus.  The following list shows equipment by floor location. To search by instrument type, click on the left side bar on the "As per Equipment Type" link.  Please note that shared instruments have sign-up sheets located next to them. Please log in when using the shared instrument.  This will help us maintain the instrument. Maintaining equipment costs money and effort- if something is never being used, there is no reason to keep it.  If you don’t log your usage, one day we might get rid of it thinking that this piece of equipment is not needed.  If you have any problem with a piece of core equipment and you need help, please contact Charlie Szekeres at 6-9393 or at

Please help us keep this list correct.  If you feel that a piece of equipment is listed incorrectly, let Charlie know at the above mentioned extensions.


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