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BioRad DNA Engine/ Chromo 4 Real time PCR Detector

Because the Chromo4 detector is an upgrade to a DNA Engine thermal cycler, the resulting real-time system has the same high performance, precise thermal control, and gradient capability. The accurate, uniform thermal control yields reliable, reproducible results, and the temperature gradient feature allows optimization of cycling conditions in a single experiment. Other features include:

  • Up to 4 Chromo4 detectors can be run parallel
  • Each dye is independently excited and detected in each of the 96 wells to minimize cross talk
  • Compact size and broad dynamic range make this one of the smallest, most sensitive real-time systems
  • User-changeable photonics shuttle is designed to allow customization of filter sets
  • Software is avaliable for your own computer either as a download or you can borrow the CD from MDC3111

Dynamic Range

Up to ten orders of magnitude


Optional Desktop and Flat Screen, or laptop


Channel 1: 515-530 nm, Channel 2: 560-580 nm, Channel 3: 610-650 nm, Channel 4: 675-730 nm


Channel 1: 450-490 nm, Channel 2: 500-535 nm, Channel 3: 555-585 nm, Channel 4: 620-650nm


96-well microplate or 12x0.2ml 8-tube strips

Cycling System