Welcome to Proteomics

The goal of our Proteomics and Genomics facility is to supply our investigators with additional equipment to the equipment and services available at Moffitt Cancer Center and FCoE-BITT.

With questions please contact Charlie Szekeres at (813) 396-9393, kszekere@health.usf.edu in room MDC3111.

Illustration what the Typhoon imager can do for you: Four color competitive gel shift assay to determine the relative affinities of the Salmonella spp. bacteriophage P22 repressor Mnt. In the assay the repressor is allowed to bind four different oligonucloetides labeled with FAM, HEX, TAMRA and ROX respectively at the same time. The intensities for each fluorophore in a lane are related directly to the relative affinity of the repressor protein for the oligonucleotide used. (from GE Healthcare)