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Here is a list of supplier websites that may help you find the reagents and materials for your imaging needs.

Abcam : high quality antibodies.  


BD Biosciences :antibodies, cell-based assays, imaging, etc.


CiteAb : A searchable database where researchers can find antibodies that have been used in peer-reviewed publications. It will a very useful resource for identifying antibodies for your experiments and for finding information to demonstrate antibody validation.


Developmental Studies Hybridoma Bank : custom-made antibodies that are collected and available for researchers.


Fisher Scientific : general  lab supplies.


Invitrogen :Molecular Probes, antibodies, cell markers, fluorescence reagents etc.


Nunc : Lab-TekII chambered coverglass, highly recommended for high magnification inverted confocal microscopic imaging.


Molecular Devices : Arcturus LCM materials and reagents.

Leica microsystems : Information on light and confocal microscopy system.


Olympus : Information on research microscopy system.


WPI Inc. : Precision lab instruments such as micromanipulatior and microinjector, materials, glass-bottom culture dishes  etc.


MatTek : Original glass bottom dish manufacturer.


Greiner Bio-one : Cellview glass bottom culture dishes, available through VWR.