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January 17: Happy New Year! Lisa Muma Weits Imaging Laboratory thanks

July 1, 2010: The air table has been replaced and the Olympus FV1000 MPE has been serviced and calibrated to have much better multiphoton excitation efficiency. It is up and running!

June 25, 2010: The Olymups FV1000 MPE has been down due to an air table problem. The table has been replaced and the microscope was reinstalled. Now it is up and running. Thank you for your patience during the downtime.

May 12, 2010: The Olympus FV1000 MPE has been upgraded with 405nm laser and oil imersion lenses. This upgrade allows confocal imaging of DAPI staining and use of glass slide samples. Now this unit provide almost complete spectrum of visible laser and IR laser.

The violet (405nm) laser on Leica SP2 for DAPI imaging is currently out of order and under service call. We will notify as soon as the laser is fixed and running. Meanwhile, DNA (nuclear) stainning can be alternatively visualized at far-red range by stainning with DRAQ5, which has 646 nm excitation and 681 nm emission spectra. Stainning with DRAQ5 is straightforward like DAPI (no pre-RNAse treatment), very stable and give excellent signal intensity.

Andor Spinning Disk confocal microscopy (May 25-27): We will have the last demo for spinning disk confocal microsopy system from Andor. As usual, we will have a workshop seminar about the system on Tueday (May 25) morning and demo afterward unitil Thursday (27th). Bring your samples and take a closer look!

Nikon A1RS1 laser scanning confocal microscopy demonstration (May 18-20, 2010): Thank you all for your participation during the spinning disk confocal systems last few weeks. Additionally, we have additional demonstration of Nikon A1RS1 laser scanning confocal microscopy during week of May 17th. This system uses very fast resonance scanning system and spectral imaging that allow fast and precise image acquistion. We hope you again will be able to bring your sample to test out this system!

Imaris Image Processing software in-site demonstration (May 17, 2010): This software provides a powerful imaging processing with 2D, 3D and 4D images from various microscopy systems (confocal, spinning disk, wide-field).  We will have an in-site to see the application, analytic and visualization capabilities of this software. An introduction seminar will be provided at 10:00 AM at MDC 1004 and hand-on testing will be at LMW Imaging core lab MDL1025 from noon to 5 PM. Bring your data set and see what this software can do.

Spinning disk confocal microscopy system demontration: Dr. Mohapatra obtained a grant for a spinning disk confocal microscopy system for the nanomedicine program and is kindly considering that the system will be set up at the Lisa Muma Weitz imaging core laboratory so that it will be available to our research community.  On behalf of Dr. Mohapatra, it is very exciting to announce that we will be demonstrating the following two systems in next few weeks: The Olympus Yokogawa Spinning Disk confocal Microscope and the Perkin Elmer Ultraview Vox spinning disk confocal system.