Core Facilities
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Location, contact:

The Flow Cytometry Core is located in MDC3111 with the BD LSR II, two BD FacsCanto II and the Miltenyi AutoMacs.  A satelite location is in IDRB319 with the BD FacsAria and a 3 laser 8 color FacsCanto II.  Also, not part of the core, but is a shared instrument that we advise and help with is an AccuriC6 at the Byrd institute in Dr Cao's lab.
With questions about operations, etc please contact Charlie Szekeres at:
Phone: (813) 396-9393

If you feel that Charlie did not respond to your requests properly, you can contact the faculty advisor, Tom Klein at

For accounting related issues you can contact Matt Anderson at

Your neigborhood Flow guy, Charlie investigating a different type of peak:
on the summit of Aconcagua, Argentina 22, 841 feet