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Fred Wright Flow Cytometry

Welcome to the website of the USF Flow Cytometry Core Facility. Our goal is to give high quality, friendly service to our users.

For analysis purposes, the Flow Facility is equipped with benchtop alignment-free multipurpose analyzers from BD Immunocytometry Systems (BD Canto II and BD LSR II). The laser configurations on these instruments allow for a number of applications, including the multicolor analysis of cell phenotype, gene expression and cell cycle may be performed. After orientation and training, the equipment is available for use directly by the investigators. Alternatively, for a larger charge the Core Facility staff can run your samples for you. For cell separation we have a 3 laser high speed sorter (BD FacsAria) and a magnetic sorter (Miltenyi AutoMacs Pro).

If you have not used our facility before, please read the How can you use the facility link. If you are not familiar with Flow cytometry the Flow Cytometry link will help you- this link will also give you a number of examples what Flow can do for you. To sign up for the equipment please click on the Online scheduling. Prospective users should thoroughly read our Policies and Procedures.

For more information you can use the side bar menu, call at 396-9393, email at or come by the facility at its location of MDC 3111