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Manufacturer's websites (More is coming soon)


Disclaimer:  We supply this list to help you find the reagents you need, but cannot guarantee that the reagents will work as hoped.  While some companies tend to have higher quality antibodies than others, but ultimately every reagent need to be researched and tested in your application of choice (which of course should be Flow).

Abcam (antibodies with good info)

AbD Serotec (antibodies, good data sheets)

Becton Dickinson/Pharmingen (flow cytometers, antibodies, etc.)

Beckman Coulter (flow cytometers, antibodies, etc.)

Cell Signaling Technology (antibodies)

Chemicon (now part of Millipore)

DakoCytomation (flow cytometers, antibodies, etc.)


Fisher Scientific

Invitrogen (Molecular Probes/Caltag/Qdots/CloneTech)

Jackson ImmunoResearch Laboratories (quality secondary antibodies)

Miltenyi Biotec (magnetic antibody bead separation instrumentation and associated antibodies)

Partec (flow cytometers, antibodies, etc.)

Santa Cruz (antibodies)


Upstate Biotech (now also part of Millipore)

Other Resources:

Apoptosis related resources from U of M Ann Arbor



Conversion between various units that you may need (Do you know how many kWh is a BTU?  Trust me the topic may come up!)

Cell signaling phospho-protein resource website

Moffitt's Flow lab You want a second opinion next door?

NIH non-human primate reagents

IL-2; everything you always wanted to know, by Kendall Smith 

Washington State University monoclonal antibody center, plus all the CD you ever want

University of Florida Interdisciplinary Center for Biotechnology Research Need to develop a hybridoma?