Facts About Alzheimer's Disease Clinical Research

FACT : In order for any new drug to be available in the US, it has to be tested and approved by the FDA for safety and effectiveness. This process can sometimes take years. We need help from people to volunteer their time for this research.

FACT : Participation in a clinical trial (drug study) is the only way you can get new medications before they are available by prescription. All medications start out as investigational drugs. While they are in the testing phase, only drug study participants have the opportunity to be on these types of drugs.

FACT : Individuals participating in a clinical drug study receive regular medical and memory monitoring by our clinical team at no cost while enrolled in the study.

FACT : Participation in a study is voluntary. You can stop any time, for any reason.

FACT : Not all drugs turn out to be as promising as we hoped. Some help a little, or not at all. Some may have side effects we don’t know about. This uncertainty makes some people uncomfortable. Others don’t mind, knowing they are making a valuable contribution to science and knowledge of Alzheimer’s disease for future patients.

FACT : Most clinical drug studies involve a chance of being on a placebo. A placebo looks like the real medication, but has no active ingredients. A placebo group in a study is necessary to evaluate whether a drug truly works or not. No one will know if you are taking the real medication or the placebo during your study participation.