Community-Based Memory Screening

The Byrd Institute allows residents a rare opportunity to enrich their own communities by promoting early detection of memory loss and Alzheimer’s disease. The Community-Based Memory Screening Program (CBMS) helps to increase awareness about Alzheimer’s; provide education and eliminate myths about memory loss; and help promote early intervention. Although not a diagnostic tool, memory screening is a timely way to determine if a person has a problem with his or her memory and should seek further evaluation by a specialist.

The institute has been conducting memory screenings and providing quality community education in Tampa Bay for more than 15 years. The Community-Based Memory Screening Program includes trained USF Health Byrd Institute volunteers as memory screening administrators. These volunteers are trained to review medical history and medications, administer a standard neuropsychological instrument or cognitive test, and provide results and recommendations. The memory screening program provides an excellent opportunity to unite communities through the common goal of health promotion.

Benefits of early identification of memory loss include:

  • Medications to preserve function and slow progression
  • Increased opportunity to participate in clinical trials
  • Early intervention and support for the caregiver

CBMS Program Benefits:

  • Raise awareness and provide education about risk factors
  • Provide education on what is considered typical age-related memory changes
  • First step in identification of Alzheimer’s
  • Provides feedback from objective source
  • Promotes early diagnosis
This knowledge will help older adults become more aware of when they should consult with their physician or health care provider.

Screenings can be administered in the following forums:

  • Community wellness centers
  • Recognized and respected “community” buildings
  • Places of worship

Contact  Eileen Poiley at (813) 396-0635 or  to establish a Community-Based Memory Screening Program in your area.