C.A.R.E. Center

What is the C.A.R.E Center?

The Center for Memory C.A.R.E. (Clinical Assessment, Research & Education) is a comprehensive multidisciplinary diagnostic clinic that transforms memory-related health services for patients and families throughout Florida. In addition, the clinic's family-centered care offers patients information about the impact of Alzheimer's across the whole of family life, from adult daycare options, legal issues, stress management, competency for driving and daily activities, to treatment choices. Every visitor is presented with opportunities to participate in clinical trials or other research activities at the C.A.R.E. Center.

The cornerstone of the clinic is the Eric Pfeiffer Imaging Center housing a sophisticated PET scan machine. New research has enabled the use of PET imaging to visualize the nerve-killing Alzheimer’s amyloid proteins in the brain years before symptoms such as memory loss begin to appear. Early treatment will be vital in preventing the onset of the disease.