Social Work

Social Work seeks to provide high quality and comprehensive care to the underserved and uninsured patients in the University Community area. Social Work will strive to improve the health of the people residing in the University Community and it's surrounding area while enhancing their own social work skills, cultural sensitivity and understanding of social issues related to health. Social Work students will work within a multidisciplinary team setting in order to promote effective coordination and to facilitate collaborative relationships within a diverse team setting for the purpose of contributing toward the achievement of Bridge Clinic's objectives.

Social Work seeks to increase the student's understanding of psychosocial issues, cultural competency and patient needs in a real life setting. Bridge Clinic will provide a teaching environment which is supportive of student values and will nurture their compassion and empathy under the guidance and supervision of University of South Florida social work staff/faculty.

USF Bridge Clinic Social Work Staff (2014-2015)


Chris Simmons, PhD, LCSW

Student Administrators

Sara Rhode
Chelsie Harris
John Beggs
Rachel Manzo

Additional Information


Social Work provides these services:

  • Conducts patient centered assessment to determine the psychosocial stressors that present barriers to improved physical and emotional health.
  • Listens, counsels, coaches and educates patients in order to actively participate in the healing process.
  • Refers to community resources such as food banks, mental health care, housing, public assistance, so to address needs holistically.

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