Public Health
the BRIDGE Healthcare Clinic

Mission Statement

The Public Health discipline provides confidential HIV testing and counseling services to the University Area Community and to University of South Florida students at no cost.

Our goal is to address stigma, raise awareness, and facilitate greater access to care through impactful community engagement.

The BRIDGE Clinic provides an interdisciplinary environment where Public Health students are trained to be community leaders in HIV awareness and prevention.

Norberto Escobales
Gabriela Gomez
Erin Kearney
Courtney Lemay
Melina Santos

Joseph Ford, J.D.

Staff Coordinators
Adrian Arias
Nicolas Delgado
Shawna Green
Lori Head
Bethany Martinez
Amanda Morris
Jillianne Ramirez
Katelyn Waldron
Felicia White

Rosa Joseph, MPH, CPH
Todd Wells, MPH
Andrea Doty, MPH, CPH


Contact Us

Contact us at:

Melina Santos

Norberto Escobales

  • Public Health Services

    At the BRIDGE Clinic the Public Health team is able to provide:


    ·         Free HIV Counseling and Testing for the University Area Community members, including USF students.

    ·         Information about methods to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

    ·         Educational materials about HIV/AIDS for different age groups and cultures.

    ·         Male and female condoms free of charge.







How do I get involved?

Applications will be disseminated though email and other campus

sources during the spring semester of each academic year.

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