Physical Therapy

Mission Statement

Physical Therapy Clinic Manual

Our mission is to provide free physical therapy services and education to the under-insured population of the University Area Community by creating an environment of collaboration, competent care, and patient-centered service.


William S. Quillen, PT, DPT, PhD, FACSM
Director of SPTRS

Rebecca Edgeworth, PT, DPT
Clinical Mentor

Continuity Coordinators

Jeff Douglas
Felipe Carbonell

Patient Coordinators

Alyssa Neri
Sarah Thompson
Stormi Grzybek
Aureen Arellan

Student Administrators

Julian La
Kelly MacDonald

Operation Coordinators

Arlene Shi
Kyle Procter
Alison Giovannetti
Kaitlyn Edwards

Staff Coordinator

Jamie Dolley
Rebekah Crall
Gabrielle Moser
Valerie Dickinson


Zach Alfonso
Jeff Balogh
Matt Scarpinato
Ryan Hamner

Steering Committee Contacts


Kelly MacDonald -
Julian La -
Phone Number: 813-546-8459

The BRIDGE Clinic's physical therapy services are directed towards evaluation and management of musculoskeletal injuries and impairments. We also provide educational training for integumentary conditions and assistive device use. Listed below are categories detailing the target population we accept at the Clinic:

Evaluation and Management

  • Musculoskeletal injury (Chronic or sub-acute)
  • Back pain (Chronic or sub-acute)
  • Spinal anomaly (Chronic or sub-acute)

Education Focus

  • Diabetic wound prevention, care and self-management
  • Assistive Device Training

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