the BRIDGE Healthcare Clinic


Mission Statement

The BRIDGE Pharmacy Clinic’s mission is to provide free medication and disease state management to the University Area Community population. Our goal is to improve the health outcomes of our patients by offering expert advise and management from licensed pharmacists and student pharmacists. The BRIDGE Pharmacy Clinic takes pride in our dedication to delivering the highest standards of pharmaceutical care by fostering a culture of education, collaboration, and patient centered care.

Endrit Toska
Matt Schneller
Kevin Klein

Patient Coordinators
Edona Asllanaj 
Elisa Herrera
Vanessa Ulloa
Jonathan Santizo 

Dr. Amy Schwartz, PharmD
Dr. John Clark, PharmD
Dr. Joseph Fierro, PharmD

Operation Coordinators
Danielle Dantuma
Samantha Tobitt
Sejada Kastrati
Pascal Desdunes

Founding Directors
Kayla Mackanin
Shafaat Pirani
Theresa Trindade

Pharmacy Arms Services 

• Assist as needed with difficulties in access of medications via formulary
• Streamline pharmacy visits and the refill process

• Improve and sustain an acceptable patient adherence to medication regimen

Continuity of Care:
• Assist in coordination of care with other health care providers as it relates to patients medication therapy and outcome
• Improve health care utilization and minimize the patients cost

• Incorporate patient participation in self-care and self-management
• Provide patient with educational resources to help improve health outcomes via evidenced based guidelines
• Assistive device training

Comprehensive Medication Management:
• Provide initial prescription counseling
• Identify, monitor, and prevent or minimize adverse drug events or medication related complications
• Prevent duplication of medication therapy and avoidance of drug interactions
• Assist primary care providers in monitoring patients medication therapy and medical conditions
• Recommend to the patient and the primary health care provider preventive measures and routine laboratory tests established by evidence-based guidelines.
• Conduct medication reconciliation and provide patients with current medication card.

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  • Contact Information

  • Endrit Toska-
    Matthew Schneller-
    Kevin Klein-
    Phone number: 813-421-9679
    Email us:
  • How to Get Involved at Clinic

  • The BRIDGE Pharmacy clinic has numerous opportunities for students to get involved in clinical patient care. Student volunteers can participate in clinic services by participating in pharmacy teams seeing patients.
  • Students may also participate in the development of patient education material on various disease states
  • Students may also participate in Diabetes education. The BRIDGE Clinic now offers diabetes educational classes taught by a cohort of students from various disciplines. Patients are counseled on their medications, expected side effects, instructed on how to check blood sugar and maintain blood glucose diaries, and lots of healthy tips nutrition such as cook recipes and carbohydrate counting are covered!
  • Not a pharmacy student? Do you speak Spanish? Come interpret for the pharmacy teams! This is an excellent opportunity to interact with patients and become exposed to pharmacy.